• Log entries made prior to January 1, 2015 are available for inspection, in compliance with Clery requirements, at the designated law enforcement or security office on campus.
Daily Crime Log - Emory University Police Department Atlanta Campus Only
Case NumberDate ReportedIncident TypeDate/Time Occurred fromDate/Time Occurred toLocationStatus
20013435/28/2020Burglary, Second Degree, Forcible Entry5/28/2020 01:335/28/2020 03:35Barnes and Noble Bookstore, 1390 Oxford Rd, Atlanta 30322 Active
20013325/26/2020Criminal Trespass, Property Damage5/18/2020 08:005/21/2020 23:59:Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge, 1552 Shoup Ct, Atlanta 30322 Active
20013265/24/2020Criminal Trespass, Property Damage; Unauthorized Persons Entering Vacant Buildings5/24/2020 19:325/24/2020 20:29Emory West, Bldg A, 1256-A Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta 30322 Active
20013195/23/2020Criminal Attempt - Theft by Extortion5/23/2020 16:265/23/2020 17:31Campus Crossings at Briarcliff Apts, 1649-1659 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta 30306 Active
20013175/23/2020Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)5/23/2020 10:005/23/2020 10:30Winship Cancer Clinic, 1711 Uppergate Dr NE, Atlanta 30322 Active
20013115/22/2020Criminal Trespass, Individual5/22/2020 01:225/22/2020 01:55SAAC Pool, 1946 Starvine Way, Atlanta 30322 Active
20013085/21/2020Arrest: Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon)5/21/2020 19:245/21/2020 19:46Clairmont Rd at Starvine Way, Decatur 30033 Cleared by Arrest
20013035/20/2020Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Value $1500 or Less)5/18/2020 12:005/20/2020 15:30Emory Clinic A, 1365-A Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta 30322 Active
20012995/20/2020Theft by Conversion (Value Over $500)4/6/2020 00:005/20/2020 13:09School of Medicine, 100 Woodruff Cir, Atlanta 30322 Active
20012985/20/2020Arrest: Criminal Trespass-Individual5/20/2020 06:315/20/2020 06:38Emory Univ Hospital, 1364 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta 30322 Cleared by Arrest
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