• Log entries made prior to January 1, 2015 are available for inspection, in compliance with Clery requirements, at the designated law enforcement or security office on campus.
Emory Police Department Daily Crime Log
Case NumberDate ReportedIncident TypeDate/Time Occurred fromDate/Time Occurred toLocationStatus
170387511/20/2017Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Valued $500 or Less)11/19/2017 21:1011/20/2017 12:45Sorority Lodge, 11-B Eagle Row, Atlanta 30322 Active
170387311/20/2017Theft by Taking (Motor Vehicle, Automobile)11/20/2017 14:1511/20/2017 14:17MOT Drive, Emory Univ. Hospital Midtown, 550 Peachtree St., Atlanta 30308 Active
170386811/20/2017Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property (Valued $500 or Less)11/9/2017 14:3011/9/2017 20:30Atwood Hall, 1515 Dickey Dr., Atlanta 30322 Active
170386711/20/2017Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Valued $500 or Less)11/17/2017 11:0011/13/2017 11:13Emory Univ. Hospital, 1364 Clifton Rd., Atlanta 30322 Active
170386311/19/2017Entering an Auto11/19/2017 18:2011/19/2017 21:24O Parking Lot, 20 Linden Ave., Atlanta 30308 Active
170386211/19/2017Entering an Auto11/19/2017 20:3011/18/2017 21:24O Parking Lot, 20 Linden Ave., Atlanta 30308 Active
170384711/18/2017Burglary, First Degree, Forcible Entry11/17/2017 21:3011/18/2017 02:30Clairmont CRC, Bldg. F, 2445 Dooley Dr., Decatur 30033 Active
170383511/18/2017Theft by Taking (From Bldg, Valued $500 or Less)11/15/2017 17:0011/18/2017 11:58Emory Univ. Hospital Tower, 1750 Gambrell Dr., 30322 Active
170383011/18/2017Affray11/18/2017 10:1511/18/2017 10:15Student Activity and Academic Center, 1946 Starvine Way, 30033 Active
170382911/18/2017Burglary, Second Degree, Non-Forcible Entry11/15/2017 22:0011/16/2017 03:00Emory Clinic A, 1365-A Clifton Rd., 30322 Cleared by Arrest
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